June 1 – 3 2018, Chirnogeni CT

Chirnogeni, Constanța County, was the first edition where we went into action without the support of Habitat. We found some generous sponsors (Ameropa, Ferma Stoian, K – Box, IPSO), some very open-minded and heartily partners, (călare pe două roți) and we did almost intuitively, using the experience from previous editions.

The mayor there was delighted and open to our initiative. The first thing we asked for was a space for us to set up camp. Therefore, our camp was situated in the town football stadium.

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Our goal was to re-build 9 houses of people to whom life hasn’t been very kind. That being said, at the beginning of June over 300 bikers from across the country were saying “yes” to the third BFH edition, all packed up with protective gear and toys on their bikes. On Saturday morning, we split into teams and took for assault the 9 houses. Our objective was to do everything we can to improve the living conditions of the 9 needy families: new sheet-metal on the roofs, insulating the walls, paint the house, double glazing glass, changing all lighting fixtures, etc. After that, around December, with the help of AMEROPA Grains, each family received a fridge, stove, microwave and for the children, each a package with sweets.

That weekend the weather held up with us and we were able to do almost everything we set our minds to. At every Bikers For Humanity edition, in the eventuality in which for one reason or another, some activities are not finished, we have a contract with a professional building contractor that will finish the job in the following days. Of course that at the end of the day we were all dirty, sweaty, tired, but you could read on each face the pure happiness of being part of something this noble. We gathered enough stories to tell when the snow would get so big that we couldn’t get out of the house.

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One of the most beautiful moments in Chirnogeni was when two bikers, him and her, married there, on the stadium, in the current campsite. Their godfathers were a couple of volunteers they met at Bikers for Humanity, the previous year. The mayor from Chirnogeni performed the marriage and the rest of us were the guests from the wedding party. It was the first wedding in working overalls and protection helmets we had ever participated in before.

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But the supreme satisfaction was that we managed to make 9 families happy, for which the harsh winters won’t be as harsh from now on. The light in their eyes and the good-bye hugs are enough of a reward and especially strong motivation to go on with this campaign. Nothing compares to that “God bless you”, heartedly said on our way out, by some people we had never seen so far and that, sincerely, there’s little chance we will ever meet again.

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