BFH at “Eftimie Diamandescu” Psychiatric Hospital – Bălăceanca, IF

BFH in Bârlad
18 June 2020

BFH at “Eftimie Diamandescu” Psychiatric Hospital – Bălăceanca, IF

July 27, 2020 - day 1
We are at the Psychiatric Hospital in Bălăceanca, where, at the initiative of the ZI de BINE Association, led by Melania Medeleanu, we are going to help build a therapeutic garden for the hospitalized patients here.
July 28, 2020 - day 2
The second day at the hospital in Bălăceanca, the second working day when the temperature in the shade was over 38 degrees...
Another productive day with cool boys and girls, hardworking people. There was the question "Why was this action not announced on FB?" We were just a handful of bikers because that's all it took. If many came, there was no work front for everyone. Certainly, if we remain as available as before, we will be able to do other actions in which each of you will be involved. You have shown so many times that you want to change the lives of the unlucky for the better.
July 29, 2020 - day 3
38 degrees outside and all the degrees in the greenhouse ... At one point we had the feeling that tattoos keep us warm, not just our clothes. We worked, we joked, we laughed and we drank a lot of water.
These are just some "memories" that we will carry with us all our lives, just like in the case of the other Bikers for Humanity Romania actions.
July 31, 2020 - the day of the inauguration
We were part of this sensational project set up by the ZI de BINE Association . It is difficult to explain in words the emotions and joy that we, the motorcyclists involved in the process of arranging the therapeutic garden, experienced. There were 4 days with over 37-38 degrees, in which every drop of sweat was "spent" with joy.
Thanks for letting us do this!

Together we are Bikers for Humanity Romania!

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